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OUR #1  " BLAZE" - Montwoods Hi Roller of Delcrest  CDX OA OAJ CGC TT U-CDX  ASCA CDX  (AKC pointed)                            

5-9-95  to 4-24-05    Bred by Vic & Angie Montleon of Montwood Dobermans    

Blaze  passed away 2 weeks shy of his 10th B-day from heart failure.  He was a 1 in a million Doberman with his energy, drive & intensity.   He taught me so much about the wonderful Doberman breed and we loved him for every minute of it!!

Blaze & Diesel-BEST buddies!!Blaze running @ 9years old & always smiling

"COCO"  Mariah's Coco Von Koepsel  CDX AXP AJP RN CGC U-CD NAC   (Coco had many more Q's toward her MXP & MJP and in other registries but not enough time to finish her titles before she was gone :(  I appreciate all she gave me!! )  
9-6-00 to  2-21-2009

Coco passed away from heart failure at age 8, just way too young :(  She was a very sweet, loving girl that just did her work for ME.  She was a very special doberman to train as she was afraid of the world & needed a lot of encouragement & trust from everybody & everything to just do it.  I am so proud of all her accomplishments & her trust in me.  Sleep softly daddy's "little Pumkin". 

Coco & Dev 
Coco & Penny

"LASER" U-Ch Quartets Symphony of Praise RN CGC 11-25-10 to 1-24-12.

 Laser happy to run!!!

 Sadly, I was notified by Laser's mom that he was tragically hit by a car & was killed while having a run at his favorite place Tuesday afternoon. The emotion & sadness is so very painful but I know in my heart that Laser was loved very much & had a wonderful 14 months of life up until that moment in time. Laser was a very special, energetic & thinking Doberman puppy dog that loved so many things & did so many things very well. He was training in obedience, rally, agility & learning to become a Therapy dog. He was & always will be an ambasssador for our Doberman Breed even though his time with us was so short.
Laser's Tribute:                                
 In daily life I loved you dearly Laser,
 In death I love you still.
 In my heart you hold a special place
 no dog will ever fill.
 If tears could build me a stairway
 and heartache make me a lane,
 I'd walk the path to heaven
 and bring you back again.
 Our family chain is broken,
 and nothing seems the same.
 But as God calls us one by one,
 the chain will link sometime again.

DIESEL--ADAMAS Arches Fiery Furnace CDX RAE OA OAJ U-CDX CGC (AKC pointed) Had 2 Q's toward his UD
DOB 1-14-2004 - 10 -3 -2012 Bred by Elizabeth Barrett-ADAMAS Dobermans

Diesel at almost 9yo sadly was lost to CHF at this years Nationals. It was very sudden & I am grateful I was with him at his time of need to pass & go to rainbow bridge. He was a wonderfully, smart & always full of life & energy. This dog has been so much fun to work & show and has exceeded my goals & expectations. He truly loved it all & always put tons of energy into his work. I love you dearly DeeDers dog & rest in peace knowing you are with us in our hearts FOREVER!!!
Diesel running as a pup Diesel running in Colorado

UKC CH Quartet's Blissful Fortune Hycaliber   "ASHUR" 
Born 11-25-2010 
Dam UKC GR CH AKC CH Pawshere Never a Dull Moment CDX RE MX MXJ NF CGC U-CD U-RO1 U-AG1 CL-3(Fiesty) x Sire CH Sunburg's Spectacular Bid (Rafa)
Was owned & loved by Chris & family in FL.

Ashur has gone to rainbow bridge due to possible poisoning in FL but will always remain in my familes heart..love you special boy!!
Ashur 6.5 months
Ashur 5 monthsAshur 8 weeks 
Ashur update from owner Chris 4-6-11
As far as Ashur...I AM SUPER EXCITED about his WORKING POTENTIAL...HE HAS IT ALL...DRIVE, FOCUS,  and WILLINGNESS to Please...so thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family...We love Ashur...

"DRAC"  CGC  My dear tenderhearted Rottweiler - OK this dog still tears me up inside as he was my soul mate thru & thru.  Drac was just a "find me" dog.  He worshiped the ground I walked on & never left my side.  He was a sweet soul of a Rotty & loved to play ball limitedly due to his elbows being displastic.  He could not do any performance due to his slight lameness but was a wonderful dog to share our lives with.
Drac died from bone cancer at age 8

"TRINKA"  CGC  My first Rottweiler- Trinka was a fun Rottweiler that loved to swim, hike, & go for car rides.  Trinka just adored my late father Eugene W. Wolo and went to work with him & I daily.  Trinka sadly was very dog aggressive so she was never able to be shown in OB but she loved to work & train.
Trinka was lost to bone cancer at age 7 after attemptign to treat her at CSU.  She was alive a few months til the cancer came back sadly.